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HELLO and welcome to Little Bug Travels!

I know from experience that traveling with kids can be as challenging as it is fun. It’s a balance between budget, convenience and quality for any activity or eatery. And it’s hard to know for sure if…

  • your kids will actually like the activities you’ve planned.
  • the hotel will actually look like the pictures.
  • it’s worth it to squeeze in an extra excursion.
  • that 6-mile hike you’re thinking about is actually kid-friendly.
  • there’s an ice cream shop near the Children’s Museum

I’m Kat – I’m a solo parent living in Philadelphia and I love to travel. I have a six year old son and with each trip we’ve taken, I’ve learned a lot about traveling with a kid, from what activities to do to how to handle an airport meltdown (hint: chocolate).

I’ll share our experiences in the destinations we visit. I love the beach, hiking, National Parks and exploring different cities. Wherever we go, I like to feel immersed in the places that we travel. This means I favor Airbnbs over hotels and I try to shop at local grocery stores and eat at local restaurants. 

Happy travels!

Hi! I’m Kat!

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