Photos to Inspire you to Visit Zion National Park

zion national park

I went to Zion National Park about 10 years ago (before I had a kid) and it was one of my favorite national park experiences to date. I traveled with my friend from Henderson, Nevada, where she lives. We came for an overnight trip and stayed at a local bed and breakfast. We spent two full days exploring the park.

One of the awesome things I remember most about our experience was the bus system that runs through Zion. It was so nice to just be able to hop on and off the bus, rather than worrying about finding parking at each stop.

southwestern desert
Desert landscape en route to Zion from Nevada.

The landscape at Zion is absolutely beautiful. We did a couple of the smaller trails and scenic points on our first day, and then did the hike to the Emerald Pools before heading back to Nevada.

zion nation park entrance sign

Zion National Park Hikes: Weeping Rock Trail

Weeping Rock is just as it sounds – water is coming out from the sides of the rock. This is because the rock is made up of sandstone and shale. The sandstone is more porous and absorbs snow/rain, but the shale is not, so the water goes out to the side when it reaches the shale.

water dripping at weeping rock zion national park
Water dripping at Weeping Rock.
wall at weeping rock zion national park
Weeping Rock at Zion National Park
weeping rock zion national park 2
Weeping Rock at Zion National Park
close up of rock colors at zion national park
weeping rock
weeping rock at zion national park 3

Unfortunately, at this writing, Weeping Rock Trail is closed due to a rock fall (read more here). There’s no estimated dates to reopen.

Zion National Park Hikes: Emerald Pools Trail

The other trail we did was the Emerald Pools trail. This took a little longer and we opted to start first thing in the morning. This trail was more challenging, but gave us some beautiful views.

Right now, the trail to the lower Emerald Pools is closed for repair, but it’s scheduled to reopen Spring 2020. See more here and make sure you check the park website for updates.

Trees and cliffs at zion national park
Hike to the Emerald Pools at Zion National Park
red rock cliffs and blue sky at zion
Red Rock cliffs and blue skies at Zion National Park
Rock Detail at Zion National Park
Cliffs at Zion National Park
Dramatic cliffs at Zion National Park
Red Rock Cliffs at Zion National Park
Cliffs at the Emerald Pools at Zion National Park.
Stream at Zion National Park
Stream at Zion
zion national park landscape
stream and mountains
Stream and mountain landscape at Zion National Park

More Things to See at Zion National Park

We rode the bus for a few more stops during our trip to Zion National Park. We visited Court of the Patriarchs, Zion Lodge, the Grotto and Canyon Junction. The pictures below are from our wanderings around these area and are in no particular order. I’m hoping to share just the overall vibe of the park. It’s so beautiful and the landscape is so breathtaking. It’s definitely worth a visit.

rocks and water at zion
rock wall at zion
stream and cliffs at zion
stream and rock at zion national park
zion national park trails
water on the rocks at zion
zion landscape
damselfly at zion national park

Planning your Trip to Zion National Park

Always check the national park website before you go to see current conditions and any trail closures.

If you can swing it, try to check the park out during the shoulder season. We went toward the end of September, and it was still busy but much less crowded than the summer months.

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