Best Winter Views in Vermont: Green Mountain National Forest

winter vermont - green mountain national forest winter hiking trails

Winter hiking is one of those things that I WANT to do more of, but I feel a little intimidated by. I’m determined though to step out of my comfort zone and do more of it.

One of the things I’ve learned – as someone who is ALWAYS cold – is that I need to be wearing appropriate gear. This means, if I’m doing a hike in the winter, I’m likely wearing snow pants, layers, warm socks, gloves and a warm hat. Before I made the trip to Vermont, I invested in a pair of warm, water resisstant hiking boots that proven itself to be a worthwhile investment!

Connecticut river in Vermont

Green Mountain National Forest: Where to Stay

We stayed in Wallingford, which is really close to the White Rocks National Recreation Area, which is where we hiked. There’s not a lot to do in Wallingford in terms of supermarkets or restaurants, which led us to drive to Rutland to visit the Rutland Area Food Co-op for groceries.

Rutland is super cute – there’s shops and restaurants and an awesome food co-op. We took a walk around and saw all kinds of murals throughout the city. If I came back to Vermont, I would definitely opt to stay in Rutland over Wallingford.

Rutland Vermont street and shops
elephant mural in rutland Vermont

Green Mountain National Forest Hiking: White Rocks National Recreation Area

We opted to try out one of the trails in the White Rocks National Recreation Area, which located in the Green Mountain National Forest. There are two trails in White Rocks, the White Rocks Ice Beds Trail and the White Rocks Cliffs Trail. We opted to try the White Rocks Ice Beds Trail.

You could probably do both trails in one day, but we took our time on the Ice Beds Trail and hung out at some of the vistas, so we opted to do only one.

forest at white rocks national recreation area

Best Views in Vermont in the Winter: Hiking the Green Mountains

The Ice Beds Trail was really great. We walked about .2 miles and were able to get some great views of the Green Mountain National Forest.

green mountain national forest
brown pine cone-type plant
moss and snow
white rocks national recreation area
green mountain national forest
green mountain national forest

We continued along the trail to the ice beds. It was a beautiful walk. We saw the ice beds, but since it was snow covered, we couldn’t really see much. The full trip is 1.8 miles if you go all the way to the ice beds.

ice beds at white rocks national recreation area
wood pecker holes in the trees
tree bark
trees and sky at green mountain national forest
tree bark in the green mountains

Green Mountain National Forest: Hikes for Kids

All in all, this is a great hike for kids. The vistas were close enough that small kids could walk to it, but there were also longer trail options for older kids.

I’ve never tried this trail in the summer, but it was pretty empty in the winter, which was awesome. You could really enjoy the silence of the mountains!

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